Sunday, 16 October 2016

New beginnings

I'm writing this under my duvet with beautiful sunlight streaming into my room and cold air freshening the house. My favourite season is here again and I am feeling hopeful and looking forward to what kind of year my birthday will bring me this time.

My birthday was about ten days ago and I received a wonderful package from my sister. A lovely corriedale/silk blend in beautiful autumnal colours from Hill Top Cloud. I had just been browsing this website and dreaming before the postman arrived believe it or not! So it really was a lovely surprise. My other birthday treats were a visit to the cinema to see Bridget Jones' Baby - this is so hilarious from the second the film starts you must go and see it. I read the book when I was a student and perhaps it's the reason why I am a bit too relaxed about being single! Oh well, if it's meant to happen it will.

My mum also said I could order myself something from the internet. I browsed and browsed until I finally settled on a niddy noddy. It's the only thing I absolutely need and I have banned myself from adding to my wool stash. In a way a niddy noddy is adding to my wool stash as it will encourage me to spin but this is the positive way of doing it. I have been making do with making hanks and I want them to look long and like they do in the shop so I figured I would pick that. I have only just ordered it and am awaiting it excitedly!

My sister came down to visit again in September. It was so lovely to see her, even though I had a heart monitor on which interupted my sleep a little and was a bit embarrassing when going out for lunch! She bought lots of goodies she was casting off, such as a pair of addi turbo circulars and some acrylic yarn she didn't want. I put them both together and made a Doctor Who-ish scarf as you can see above. I love garter stitch - it's really relaxing and purling the first and last stitch is making it look really neat.

I knitted this pattern by Martina Behm above in garter stitch. I love the shading of the yarn and can't wait to brighten up a coat with it.

September also brought me some other good news - I have found a part time job of 25 hours a week and it's term-time only. It's brilliant as I have always looked for one but have never found just this amount of hours. It will be lovely to have either the afternoons or one day where I can settle and do something creative to unwind. After my diagnosis I have been learning to pace myself and put things off to the next day rather than swamp myself and I want to see if I can take this attitude into work with me and work as other people seem to be able to!

I've been managing to swim 2-3 times a week lately and am finding this is keeping my pain at a manageable level. The only problem it can produce for me is keeping up with hydration, other than that it truly is a perfect activity for me. I hope if you or anyone you know suffers pain in any way you can find it within yourself to get motivated to swim. Working the level up very gradually is the key with swimming.

So it's been a fruitful six weeks personally, apart from a nasty reaction to the flu jab which landed me in A&E! I hope you have a fruitful few weeks too.

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