Thursday, 18 August 2016

Spin Spin Kitty

Gladly the last twelve weeks of blog silence have been for positive reasons. I'm now seeing a sympathetic job coach, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, my GP, a Physiotherapist and a Specialist!

I've also managed to increase my swimming sessions to twice a week and am hoping to increase them to three times now I am attending on my own. I have come through the initial fatigue from the swimming when I started in January and am finally seeing a positive benefit in my everyday life. It is giving me a sense of achievement and lots of energy - along with spinning!

As you can see I've been spinning for a couple of hours a day and have really forged on with a few little mini skeins and am now going towards my first 100 gram hank of BFL. I practiced for an hour a day to begin with after my sister strengthened my technique and eventually I got the hang of it without parking or stopping for long when joining in a new bit of fluff.

The brown hank is a little mini skein I ordered a couple of years back and I can't remember where I got them all from. It was a sample box of hand dyed fluff from independent dyers. I'm saving the mini skeins which are in my favourite colours until I'm a bit better at spinning.

I haven't been acquiring much yarn as, well, I'm not working! I did pick up this Zauberball in 'Wool' in Bath but the novelty of being in Bath is wearing off a little...and we are finding a few free things to do now. We visited the art gallery a couple of months ago which is quite simply stunning. I seem to be able to concentrate and focus when out and about now so I remembered the names of all the artists and paintings and managed to sit in the middle and relax. We are going to the Holbourne museum next as there was a helpful folder in the main gallery about all the paintings in there.

I managed to finish my blanket. I didn't undo it. It's a bit longer than I wanted as I am a loose crocheter, but another shop bought blanket I have is long for my bed too so I just decided to leave it. All the ends are sewn in and the borders have been crocheted.

It took eighteen months to finish in total but it's been completely worthwhile as it looks beautiful on my bed.

I'm currently knitting a shawl from a Zauberball. I found the pattern from Ravelry and I am much futher along than when I took this photo. At the moment it is taking me a while to get my photos uploaded and to find time to sit down and blog but I hope the act of doing it will get me back into the swing again!

I've also completed an Aran cabled hat for my sister but want to keep it a secret! I'm upload a piccy when I've given it to her :)

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