Thursday, 12 May 2016

Spinning yarns

It's been five months since I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I hadn't been expecting much to change. There's the CBT that I got faster than usual because of the double diagnosis with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...I expected that. I didn't expect to have such a deeply understanding week-long visit from my older sister.

It was so lovely to get together after I have been worrying about her for about 18 months. Initially she thought she had Lupus, then other disorders and syndromes. She had been going in for tests at hospital and having all sorts of scans when the diagnosis of EDS finally appeared after a suggestion from a friend with the condition. I'm so grateful to her that I don't have to go through all that and have gone pretty much straight to a specialist with my health issues already in mind.

So it was all the more wonderful to sit quietly with her and knit and talk about whatever for a whole day. I had given up spinning with my spindle after not quite getting the hang of it and probably putting it away just before I broke through to the next level of understanding and practice. She explained the staple of the yarn and parking the spindle in such a clear way I have been practising for fifteen minutes every day for two weeks now and have ordered more BFL which is apparently what you need to learn with NOT merino wool. The yarn I'm spinning in these pictures is my very first yarn! It's very thick and thin but I've been told this evens out after a while.

She came to visit after going to Wonderwool in Wales and she bought me a wonderful gift of a 150g hank of silk and wool from Sparkleduck. It's a beautiful blue and green with a lovely sheen to it from the silk. One to treasure!

In other news, I would love to say I have finished my crocheted blanket but I haven't! I had a very loose tension on this project and so the blanket has ended up being too long and not wide enough. I have finished the ripples and sewn ALL the ends in (phew!) but was holding off doing the border as I felt something wasn't right (it was friggin' huge!). I tried it on my bed and about twenty ripples need to be ripped back to make it fit neatly on top of the bed after the border has been filled in. I also need to work out if I still need extra yarn for the border after I rip back. So I have folded it up for a while as I was getting a little bit tired of seeing it to be honest. It's been next to my chair in the living room for over a year now and I think I'll benefit from having a break from it before I rip and finish the border. I am pleased with the overall blanket though and think the colours work really well together.

I have been feeling a little bit better after being given some medication to sleep but I am still working at fifty per cent of my normal energy levels. This isn't due to lack of activity or going out of the house as I have tried that some weeks and feel just as dead. One thing a heavy fatigue is good for is making you appreciate what you see when you do manage to get out and I certainly appreciate the canal just being by my house and for being beautiful. I don't know where I would cycle safely if it wasn't there as I still can't summon up the courage to cycle on the road. Something to work towards I guess.

Happy making and sunbathing x

PS I managed to get a short story published on a LGBT flash fiction website. It's called 'The Importance of Being Sash' and is about a transgender girl. Hope you like it!

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