Friday, 25 March 2016

Finished Knitted Cushion

It has taken me 15 months but I have finished my cushion project at last!

This was the yarn my sister spun for me for Christmas 2014. It is so beautiful I just had to knit with it straight away. I launched into a cushion project without working out whether there would be enough yarn to finish.

After a few months I realised I would not have enough so I undid a purple shawl I made a few years ago and re-used the yarn for the back of the cushion. The shawl was lovely and I really enjoyed knitting it but I wore it a few times and the wool sheds a lot onto my coat and just irritates me. Which is sad as I had bought another four balls of in blue for another shawl. I could easily halt that project and make another cushion.

I think it is so special when you receive a handmade gift which someone has spent time making just for you. As you will know if you read this blog regularly - pink and purple is probably my favourite colour combination and I love this cushion so much.

In terms of my health I am still taking things slowly and trying to pace myself with everything. I am still sleeping a lot - on average about 10-12 hours per day and there is constantly pain in some part of my body. It tends to move through different parts of me so I can have a bad headache one day and suffer bad osteoarthritis the next. It turns out the intense pain in my feet was plantar fasciitis which has never healed fully because I have arthritis in my feet and my joints are partially dislocating when I walk. I am still worn out when I walk but I am losing weight from swimming and cycling which will obviously help my pain, but the fact that I am overweight is not the cause of it as I have equal amounts of pain in other parts of my body.

Again, if you have any concerns you may have similar problems to me while reading this please do not hesitate to contact the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome charity who are a massive source of medically approved information.

I am seeing a therapist who helps people with long term health conditions with CBT - it's another form of pain clinic only one-to-one. He is also helping me through coping with my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am also on two different anti-depressants now - one for depression and the other to help me sleep and relieve pain, so things have improved slightly, although I am getting side effects of headaches and intensely itchy hands!

I have nearly finished my crocheted blanket - I have one and a half rows left to do, thirty ends to sew in (I have been sewing them in as I go) and the border to do and then I will have finished this project too!

Have a Happy Easter and I hope you enjoy time spent with your family.

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