Thursday, 10 September 2015

Beautiful handspun and yet another syndrome!

The mood to blog has finally arrived again! The excitement, the photos, the words and the urge to express myself all at once!

But the computer won't work. It's really slow and isn't connecting to my camera properly. I'm restarting it but I'll crack on in an email to myself on my phone while it thinks about what is wrong.

Well it's been two weeks of ups and downs again. I received the most beautiful package from my sister after sending her some fibre from Hilltop Cloud to spin. She included some other yarn she had spun in the box which I hadn't expected. It was lovely.

This is the beautiful Alpaca which has been lovingly spun by my sister. Gorgeous. Stunning. Four balls of this.

My sister was diagnosed with Hypermobility EDS type III on the same day as I attended my Autism pre assessment so it's all happening. I have just been to my GP about it as having a sister with it means there is a fifty per cent chance I will have it too. It is genetic but there is no blood test for it. Other types of EDS can be tested for in a laboratory but this one involves asking lots of questions again like Autism so out mum pops with her now familiar A4 notepad.

For my sisters diagnosis she compiled an A4 folder with a complete family history in it which helped her enormously.

EDS is a joint and skin condition. It affects everything from how often you bruise to how your hair comes out of its follicle. It affects your throat. It affects your body temperature. It affects your heart valve. It affects your circulation and your mood. It affects how you digest food and how you feel when walking down the street. Being too aware of your body can make you feel uneasy and anxious and panic attacks are common in those with the syndrome.

It makes your joints click almost constantly. I made the mistake of wearing heels to an interview recently and leant forward in a quiet moment. Everything cracked. Literally every joint in my body. I was stressed out and embarrassed at sounding like a seventy year old. They looked unnerved. I didn't get the job unsurprisingly. Probably because I was so unhappy in my heels. I don't know why I've got it into my head that heels look more professional. They might do on other women but then other women have normal joints.

So anyway it didn't take much of a fight to be referred for a diagnosis. I am off to the hospital soon.

During the past few weeks I have discovered a wonderful video podcaster who lives in England! Hooray!

Along the Lanes is a beautiful wonderful podcast which has really livened up my evenings recently after working in a call centre. She is alive with excitement and adores colour and fibre so much it hurts. She has cool red hair and has a lovely collection of yarn! Beware, she could prove to be addictive...

As you can probably gather I have got the camera to work and my computer is alright. Must save up for another one soon.

I will pop back in another couple of weeks to chat. The crafty mojo is returning and autumn always helps.

Happy knitting...

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