Monday, 4 May 2015


Well it's been five weeks since my last post so I think they're speeding up a little bit! I got a three figure readership which is good considering my lack of words and pics or indeed, regularity.

There have been a few eventful things which have happened in those five weeks. At the top of the list is managing to go up to London for a Sherlock Convention. It was a brilliant day.

I thought I would feel a bit lonely and spaced out in the talks but the whole day was like a blissful dream. My medication held fast so I didn't have any problem sitting in the hall - in fact I was hugely relaxed. A very unusual experience and one I will treasure. It gives me confidence when I sit somewhere I usually panic and feel blissed out. Although of course, staring at Rupert Graves wouldn't make anyone panic! It felt like such a perk to sit amongst such an intimate audience and have him entertain us.

Apologies for the blurry pics - there are more pictures and news from the day in a more coherent form on Cumberbatchweb.

I have been so inspired by the day that I have plucked up the courage to go and see Louise Brealey (Molly in BBC Sherlock) at the Bristol Old Vic at the end of this month. I will be on my own again but I'm sure I won't feel lonely.

I have been getting a little shaky recently as I knew my contract at work was due to finish at the end of May. The team are moving offices halfway through May with me still in it but I got my notice last week. The responses I've received so far have been amazingly positive and I'm quite confident I will find something good soon. Now I have the notice and I'm job hunting I feel quite a lot better, and of course I have the Louise Brealey play to perk me up if I feel down...

I am just over halfway through the rainbow blanket and a quarter of the way through my cushion. I keep folding it because it looks so good when neat. I have used it to cover my legs and fallen asleep happily underneath it a few times.

I recently blogged about my doctor agreeing that I have mild autism but not enough to get a diagnosis. It's amazing just how much of your life it affects. I have joined the National Autistic Society and have been reading about things I didn't even imagine were linked to autism like some autistic people liking the weight of a heavy duvet or blanket at night. I don't quite understand it but I guess I'm one of those people. I'm not sure how I can alter this part of my life in summer. Any suggestions?

I have received a sum total of two writing rejections since I last blogged. I'm a bit sad that each rejection still feels like a boulder falling from a mountain while I have feet of clay. I took a few weeks off from writing, editing and sending out this time so I feel very much refreshed. My latest flash fiction story is about a trans girl and her boyfriend and I'm hoping someone somewhere will like it.

Anyway - I'll be back in a week or so (she says) to update you all with any news.

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