Sunday, 29 March 2015

You need rain for a rainbow

I have been busy over the two months since I last posted on this blog. I have finished half of the Cottage Blanket designed by the wonderful Attic 24.

Words cannot adequately express how much this comforts me when I sit on the sofa and find it waiting for me to begin crocheting. Through the last two months I have had many ups and downs and have been quite busy at times so the thought that this will be waiting for me when I get home or get off the computer is a very wonderful feeling indeed. I have had a lot of rejection in the last few months but that's inevitable for a writer and I am learning to be thick-skinned. Usually I need a day and then I'm ready to go again.

I have finally had three stories published through the brilliant Womentoring scheme and my ace mentor Vicki Jarrett. The three stories are in the current issue of The Next Review which you can buy for just £4.50!

Last month I attended my sister's wedding which was held at a lovely hotel in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. The room where the ceremony was held looked out onto rolling countryside and was very romantic and happy. I had only been to one wedding before so was quite nervous and didn't know many of her friends but they are all very friendly, interesting and intelligent people so there was nothing to worry about there. I even ended up dancing until 1am. Not like me at all. Wonderful.

So this rainbow is indeed spreading some much needed cheer into my life and the lives of my loved ones!

My sister has started to spin and gave me a lovely hank of hand dyed and hand spun texel wool which has lovely flecks in it and feels nice and tweedy. I love tweedy yarn and it's really soft when knitted up. I launched into knitting a cushion without really thinking about it as I just wanted to knit with it as soon as possible. However, I think there's only enough for one side of a 42 x 42cm cushion. So I will have to think about what I will stitch on the reverse side! Isn't it knitting up beautifully though.

So a great two months overall since I last blogged. I will try and make the time to blog but I'm always tempted to use odd bits and bobs of time to write or submit stories at the moment. I will aim for once a week again though.

Happy British summertime!


Josie said...

Welcome back, you were missed!

Jo said...

Thank you - it does feel nice to have a post to link to : )

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