Saturday, 17 January 2015

January rainbows

Well...I've well and truly had another blogging break over Christmas and the New Year. Over my two weeks of leave from work I spent a lot of time going for walks, writing, crocheting a blanket...and listening to my Mum cough!

We still managed to have a relaxing break but we didn't manage any proper days out as Mum was feeling poorly and I'm not always very motivated to go off travelling on the trains and buses by myself. So I spent a lot of time listening to beautiful music on Radio Three, Classic FM and Six Music and crocheting.

We went for a few walks and it was nice to have some sunshine on Christmas Day for once so we spent an hour or two in the morning exercising our legs before we sat down for our meal.

I spent a lot of time over the two weeks honing a collection of six stories ready for submission to a formal year-long mentoring scheme which involves two free week-long Arvon writing residentials. I also had to write a one thousand word statement and a page of biography from scratch to go with them. I then had to print four copies of everything. I managed it but it was the most effort I've put into any writing submission since my dissertation ten years ago at university. It was a steep learning curve as I had submitted the stories to my current mentor who provided brilliant and very useful feedback so I felt encouraged to carry on editing.

My Attic 24 blanket was amazing to crochet. After I had got the hang of the simple pattern and I had completed the first two rows I was away and am loving every minute of crocheting it. I'm getting on better with a simple crochet project after work. It helps that it's split into two row segments so I have a limit if I don't want to do much.

Look at all those ends! Like life in general - ends need threading up and securing carefully. I'm sure I'll find them not too bad at the moment as my head is clearer since I went on medication. It may not be for everyone, or a long-term fix due to side effects which tend to irritate after a year (for me personally) but for now it's helping me swing along nicely while I have some uncertainty in my life. It's helped my concentration which has always been an issue - perhaps you can tell from this blog post that I have been able to 'settle' to projects better recently.

I'm having a weekend all to myself at the moment - my Mum is away with my sister at Centre Parcs in a spa as a pre-wedding treat so I have plenty of time to write and crochet. I hope you're having a lovely weekend wherever you are.

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