Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cycling and a spot of crochet...

I've been feeling a bit snuffly as a result of fighting off a bug this week so have given myself plenty of crochet time next to my new bluetooth radio which I have told everyone about three times over at least.

I treated myself a few weeks ago to this lovely blanket kit from Wool Warehouse designed by the lovely Lucy from the Attic 24 blog. Lucy has been amazing to read - I found her a couple of months ago and she's really inspired me to forge ahead with colourful crochet. I'm opening this kit on Christmas day (or maybe when I come off work for two weeks from the 20th December!).

We have the Christmas decorations up now and I have finally finished my not-very-taxing task of buying three presents (!), so I am feeling a bit more festive. I plucked up the courage to attend a lunch with some collegues I hadn't met before on Friday which was nice. The three course Thai meal was delicious and it polished off the week nicely. This week I am having another meal through work which will be something to look forward to. As an introvert with a depressive tendency (!) I do find it hard and can come across as aloof and unfriendly but if people are nice and put me at ease I'm usually fairly OK.

I have reached a grand total of 32 crocheted squares for my pink blanket. I was going to branch out into other colours but I just love the two pinks together so have just kept it pink and white. I think some of the squares are a bit skewed at the moment and will need to be blocked before I crochet them together but overall I'm pleased with how pleasurable I'm finding crocheting the same square over and over again.

Last Sunday I went for one of my bike rides along the canal with my mum and it was beautifully sunny. Mum and I have been having lots of discussions about autism lately as a member of my family has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers. I was unsure whether to forge ahead for a diagnosis as my doctor thinks I am only just on the autistic spectrum, obviously thinking my difficulties in life stem from other medical conditions. I am quite prepared to save up and go private to achieve a diagnosis if I can't get one through the NHS as I do feel it affects my life and you are entitled to quite a bit of help and support once diagnosed.

On a happier note I hope you all have a wonderful week of present buying and house decorating. I love this time of year and am looking forward to having two weeks of sleep in's and doing whatever I fancy...

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