Friday, 26 September 2014

Book Review: Fun of the Fair by Melanie McNeice

'Fun of the Fair' is a bright delightful book full of colour and fun.

It contains five fabric soft toy projects for children and/or adults. There's a Pony, an Elephant, a Lion, Seals, and some Monkeys too.

The patterns are at the end of the book and can be printed out full size if you use the ebook or photocopied simply if using the hard copy. They look super easy to use. There is two pages of stitching advice such as how to do satin stitch and a page full of supplier information.

I was really impressed by the look and design of this book - it's rainbow colours will appeal to children and those who are looking for something super-cute and funky to make.

Thanks once again to Rosie Johns at Stitch Craft Create for sending me this lovely book to review. Fun of the Fair is available now to buy in hard copy or ebook on the Stitch Craft Create website.

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