Sunday, 21 September 2014

Back from a blogging break

Other bloggers don't shy away from taking a break over the summer. Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits has done this in the past, although she has a better excuse than I do with young children finishing school every July.

I wasn't planning to take time out but my blogging mojo left me during the hot summer months when the temperature was often 25-27 degrees. I just about coped with full time work but by the evening I was simply exhausted. On top of this I was stressing about my driving theory test and desperately revising*. This isn't the first time I've tried to pass the driving obstacle course, previously having fallen off the oiled slide a few times, but I'm feeling reasonably confident now I've visited the doctor, which I probably needed to do anyway due to ongoing issues which flared over the summer. Having a female driving instructor who I can talk freely and get on with has helped too**.

Crafting has been keeping me going through all this and overall I'm feeling much more relaxed when doing it. I'm also able to switch off more during my leisure time which I had noticed I wasn't doing. When I begin crafting or reading I'm fully relaxed and not drifting off into a shopping list in my head or worrying about whether I have done my laundry. I also feel like I'm cocooned from the world when walking around which is strange, and some people wouldn't like it, but for me this is extremely freeing.

I've been crocheting some granny squares for what I hope will be a king size blanket for my bed. I've done about eight so far so there's quite a way to go, but I figured I could stop at a lap blanket size and finish if it was going on too long.

I'm using cascade 220 which is really nice to crochet with and the choice of colours is amazing. I'm paying for it bit-by-bit to spread the cost.

It's nice to be back. I hope you had a lovely summer!

*I passed!
**In the UK you have to pass a theory test which consists of two sections - one where you answer questions about the rules of the road, road signs, etc. The other half is a series of video clips in which you have to react quickly to hazards, such as people pulling suddenly out of junctions. Then you are permitted to take the practical which is a 40 minute assessment of how you drive and control the car.

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