Monday, 11 August 2014

Book Review: Sew Cute to Cuddle by Mariska Vos-Bolman

I was sent this book to review via email and what a present I have received!

'Sew Cute to Cuddle' lives up to its name. It's so cute and sweet it positively drips honey from every page. The colours and designs leap off the pages of the book.

The fabrics used for the toys are not specified but are kept vague. 'Red cotton fabric' is specified instead of being specific about which designer she has used for the toys but that keeps it open and you could easily find similar. I have found whenever a new book comes out which specifies fabric this opens up the possibility of the range being discontinued and therefore dating the book. It also puts people off who may want to stick to a budget.

A few of the toys need extra bits and bobs like fusible webbing or steel balls to shape them but most of them just need cotton, felt and stuffing. Oh, and of course thread to sew them. They look very easy for someone new to sewing and you could enlarge the patterns to make the toys larger if you find small toys too fiddly.

The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow. There are pictures and written instructions so you won't get lost if you don't understand the writing as there will always be the picture to refer to. Of course the beauty of an ebook on your computer means you can directly print them out instead of turning the book upside down onto your photocopier and you can enlarge them more easily.

Overall I would say this is a very accessible, cute and lively book which would be great for kids or adults alike. The toys are exceptional and I am sorry to say I have not had the time to make a toy, but they are definitely on my 'to make' list for when I want a break from crochet and knitting!

Sew Cute to Cuddle is available now from the team at Stitch Craft Create.

This book was sent to me to review after a speculative email offer from Stitch Craft Create. Many thanks to Rosie at Stitch Craft Create.


Sarah said...

Nice -- it looks interesting!

apple blossom said...

those are adorable.

Mary Preston said...

This does sound like a great book to add to my collection.

Margaret said...

I love these This book really sounds fun

Anonymous said...

So - cute - I would love to use the book for the children in crisis which I sew for.

The Sewing Shrimp said...

Such a cute book! Thanks for the review! :)

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