Monday, 28 July 2014

Book Review: Fairytale Knits by Katharina Ritter

'Fairytale Knits' by Katharina Ritter was published in 2011 and is a smouldering dream-like collection of fairytale-inspired knitwear for women and children.

There are twenty designs - all of which are themed on fairytales. Each pattern is based on a character or a story. The cover design features fingerless gloves and is based on 'Sleeping Beauty'.

One of the distinctive features of this book is that the patterns do not specify the yarn to be used apart from its weight and whether it is cotton, wool, etc. Most of the patterns only have two clothing sizes (10-12 and 14-16 for example) so there is not much use getting this book if you are unusually small or above a size 16 unless you are advanced enough to alter the pattern to fit you.

However there are five children's patterns and eight hats, bags and mittens to knit so the majority of the book is not comprised of women's clothes.

The photography in this book is stunning and magical. I loved the Tom Thumb children's sweater and the Rapunzel knitted dress. The charts and blocking diagrams are very clear. There is no advice on how to knit from scratch in this book so I would recommend it as an advanced beginner collection.

'Fairytale Knits' by Katharina Ritter is published by Search Press and you can purchase it from their shop.

Thank you to Search Press who sent me this book to review at my request.

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