Sunday, 15 June 2014

From Exmouth to the London Short Story Festival

I went for a lovely day out in Exmouth yesterday. The sky was clear in the morning and we sat looking out to the beach watching the jet skiers, boats, and children swimming. Unfortunately I forgot my iPod at the last minute so there are no pictures!

We had fish and chips along the seafront (I eat eggs and fish now - so I'm not a vegan or a proper veggie, just dairy and meat free), then we got on a very hot train back to Exeter for some shopping. I went to Inspirations next to Exeter Central station which has now become my closest Rowan stockist. It was so nice to feel the yarn and I fell in love with the hank above. It's Rowan Fine Art Aran and it has all my favourite colours together in one place.

I felt like going somewhere quiet this weekend as next weekend I will be in London for 24 hours for the London Short Story Festival. It takes place in a very large bookshop in Piccadilly. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with someone I met at Arvon a few weeks ago for a coffee and chat, and being around creative enthusiasts. The heady combination of books and writers will be hugely exciting. Tania Hershman and my Arvon tutor from a few weeks ago, Adam Marek will be there too. Jackie Kay will be around as well as the people from Litro Magazine - I'm actually thinking about cancelling my Mollie Makes subscription to subscribe to their magazine and book club (shock horror!).

I'm sure I will remember the iPod this time so I will have lots of photos of the event this time next week.

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