Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flesh and bone chats

I've had a busier-than-usual six weeks. It's been amazing and I have been stretched and challenged as well as inspired and enthused creatively.

Birds sunrise photo by AllyNewcomer on Etsy

I've written so many flashes - for me it feels like I'm writing reams, although in reality I'm not of course. I've been blocked in my creative writing for so long I hadn't really written anything much. I started and stopped and became discouraged.

This time I've tried to have what the late Paul Sussman (and my Ty Newydd tutor in 2009) called 'flesh and bone' chats. I've never written anywhere online about Paul but as anyone who has been on a writing residential will know, you sometimes have very intense chats and you really do have so many conversations with the tutor-writers - it's the equivalent of a semester at university. I was very upset when he died in 2012 and still have his obituary pinned to my noticeboard by my desk and it really does feel like he wants me to write. He tried hard to encourage me to get out and meet people but at the time I lacked money and was disheartened.

So after my recent Arvon course it's been really nice to feel as if I have enough money to get out the front door and try and make things happen a little bit. I'm very introverted and quiet most of the time but I do have a chatty side which I have attempted to kickstart in terms of literary outings. Hopefully I should be out and about a lot more as well as writing, editing and submitting. I so want to continue to have this as a blog about craft but I hope my regular audiences won't mind a bit of creative writing sometimes and the odd fiction review as well as the latest crochet book!

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