Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Literary shenanigans

I've been knitting away on my Wollmeise shawl in the last ten days. My shoulder is starting to heal and I have more flexibility in it. I now have 115 exercises overall to do each day which involve attempting to push a wall over with my fist :)

Oscar Wilde postcard by Literary Emporium on Not on the High Street

This time next week I will be on an Arvon Foundation residential deep in the Devon countryside with no internet access and just a notebook, a project bag full of wool and my own mind. And lots of other creative wonderful minds, good food and nice wine.

The last couple of months have felt a bit strange for me personally with a few opportunities exploding from the toaster and landing buttered side down. A few things have gone very right though. I am feeling very confident with my good female driving instructor and I'm going to Arvon, obviously. I have also bought some lovely things and the sun is out this week. Each day I try and write a list in my head to try and focus on the good things. Sometimes we can get carried away and forget how many steps we've taken when we feel as if we are going backwards.

So I will have some time to knit next week I'm sure. And take photos of the wonderful Devon countryside. Lets hope the opportunity will land buttered side up and I will start submitting my flash fiction again!

Happy knitting :)

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