Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mother's Day on UK Etsy

I've taken a break from my busy schedule of watching House of Cards and Sherlock on Netflix and drinking tea working full-time and generally trying to improve my life even further to bring you a selection of four beautiful handmade items from Etsy from UK sellers so you can order them and give Mum a lovely present on Sunday week.

Big Button Coasters by 'WoodpaperscissorsUK' from Kettering, UK on Etsy £17.85

Silver Bird Pendant by 'AliBaliJewellery' from Edinburgh, Scotland on Etsy £64.79

'So loved' print by 'JenRoffePrint' from St Albans, UK £10

'Mum Hessian tote bag' by 'jillgrantxx' from Glasgow, Scotland on Etsy £20

Have a wonderful look on Etsy for yourself by searching 'UK Mum' or 'UK Mother's Day'.

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