Monday, 31 March 2014

Book Review: My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian

I found a great book a few weeks ago in the 'Inspirations' craft shop in Exeter just a minute away from Exeter Central train station. Usually when I pick up knitting or crochet books to purchase for myself I think 'well, I won't crochet that, or that, maybe that' and then put it back. This book was sold the minute I picked it up. I have been looking for a pattern for a 'neat' amigurumi doll for ages and now here was the perfect book.

'My Crochet Doll' by Isabelle Kessedjian is a truly gorgeous and cute book. The book contains the pattern to crochet a basic doll and a wide array of clothes to crochet for her (I say 'her' but you could easily make the doll male). The book contains patterns for everything from a onesie for the doll to pyjamas. She is pictured with a range of hair and 'facial decorations' (masks, glasses, etc). She really looks so different in each photo shoot. There are patterns for a tiny blanket for her and even a suitcase. What a dream book for a child just getting into crochet or a young mum!

I chose to make the Red Riding Hood doll to begin with. I've nearly finished the actual doll but there was a short hiatus after I started as I needed two 50g balls of cotton and I had only picked up one in Inspirations, so I had to order on eBay. (This was my fault, I didn't read through the book properly in the shop). If you follow the patterns to the letter Isabelle recommends 'Begere de France' yarns for the doll and the clothes and provides a list for each photo shoot. The only mistake I've discovered so far is on page 72 - to make the boots it has a symbol to crochet from and to in the shoe pattern but hasn't been included so I don't know how to make them. I bet I could figure it out if I really tried. Everything else has worked out fine so far.

I've finished the legs, body and head. I have nearly finished the left arm and have crocheted the hood. I know you shouldn't start the clothes before the doll but I couldn't wait to crochet a ball of cherry King Cole DK I had bought. I don't know why I don't just crochet little dolls - they always get finished and aren't too taxing to have out while watching TV.

'My Crochet Doll' is available with £5.50 off at Play if you are in the UK. Or you can find it in your local book shop or library.

If you are in the US please take a look at this UK and US conversion chart for crochet - we use different terms here in the UK.

If you are in the US here is the link for Amazon.

This sounds like a sponsored post but it's not - I bought this book and I love it so much!


Wendy said...

it does look like a great book, I like the little red riding hood

Eileen Nail Diaries said...

Could I be so bold to ask something. When you finished the w legs and attatched them. Did uou follow pattern: 4ch, 1dc in each dc of leg 1, 4ch, 1dc in each of leg 2. Or did you at the second 'chain 4' makd dcs into the existing 4chain? Of I make 2x 4ch, theres a hold between her legs which j need to sew up later. Thx.

Jo said...

Hi Eileen - I think it's the latter as my doll has a space between her legs! :)

Lisa said...

Wonder if someone can help? I'm doing the ridinghood dress and can't understand how it goes on. I have the part with 3dc over 4dc (rnd 3) at the front of the doll but it means I have a slit up the front and back. I assume these are meant to be the arm holes so not sure where I've gone wrong. Can't see how it's meant to sit from the pictures

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