Sunday, 9 March 2014

Book review: 'Baby booties and socks - 50 Knits for Tiny Toes' by Frederique Alexandre

'Baby booties and socks' is a pretty book crammed full of beautifully designed yet simple to knit baby booties and socks.

There are 50 designs and they are wide-ranging in their styles and colours. Most of the designs include sizing for six month old babies and one year olds. A good amount (though not all) contain sizing for newborns and three month old babies and sizing for two year olds.

Most of the designs are knitted with two needles with a seam but there are approx a third which can be knitted in the round with double pointed needles.

The book also contains a few crocheted booties and socks. There are five pages of instructions in total - with clear diagrams on how to crochet with seven stitches including how to increase and decrease. Also there are knitting instructions with detailed guidance on how to make a left and right slanting increase and how to graft and sew invisible seams.

The yarn picked is always Bergere De France which is easy to get hold of in the UK and very affordable. If you are like me and don't mind sewing seams after knitting socks or booties flat then this is the book for you. If you can knit in the round with multiple needles and can convert a flat pattern then you could practice doing that with this book.

I think if you are new or relatively new to knitting and are thinking about knitting a present for a family member or friend with a baby then this could be a safer bet than a garment tension-wise. I've found socks to be quite simple once you master putting stitches onto a holder to shape the heel.

You can buy 'Baby Booties and socks - 50 Knits for Tiny Toes' from the Search Press website.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this lovely little book.


White + Warren said...

Love this knitted booties for babies, so cute and adorable. Love the colors too, thanks for sharing !

GiaDay said...

Have you actually tried any of these patterns, though? I have found many mistakes but can find no corrections online. For example the pattern 'Lace Lovelies' calls for a lace rib pattern divisible of 6 + 2 sts but then has you cast on 30 sts, which is not mathematically sound. What's more, they use the 'yon' the European yarn over which is different than the American 'yo' and is poorly explained and confusing anyways unless you have a knowledgeable teacher right in front of you to explain. I also tried the 'Simple Ribbed Socks' pattern, again calling for 30 sts to be cast on for a 2k 2p rib, not divisible. I added the needed 2 sts but then comes the heel directions which are so esoteric and confusingly written it seems to have been drawn up by a lawyer. Has anyone found similar issues throughout this book? It seems poorly translated and no one has posted anything I can find as far as issues or corrections on the website.

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