Sunday, 16 February 2014

The joy of Wollmeise

Have you ever noticed the two scales of stress and knitting? When one goes up the other goes down? It's a vicious circle. Sometimes, when you feel stressed you don't want to pick up the needles and it's difficult to plug into your crafting mojo. So a couple of weeks ago I had to force myself to knit. I picked up my knitting and gradually I felt better. It wasn't much but I immediately felt the benefit the next day. (Although reading my new Neil Gaiman novel helped too!)

It also helped to be able to order some Wollmeise! It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and having lost my crafting mojo at that point, I put it away and didn't really look at it (I know - how did I do that?!). But last week I wound it into five balls and started to knit a tension swatch as I couldn't wait to find a pattern. It's amazing. There are two things I've tried in the last few months which haven't disappointed me after being highly recommended by bloggers or podcasters, one is Craftsy* and the other is Wollmeise.

It doesn't always follow that if you spend more on wool you'll get a better result but I'm pleased to say I feel this is well worth the extra money. At about £5.25 per 50 grams it's only like buying Rowan but in a 200 gram hank.

I am planning to knit 'Naiada' by Martina Behm which is a paid-for pattern on Ravelry. I have some 150 cm circular knitting needles on order from Love Knitting who kindly gave me free shipping on my first order as I subscribed by email. I'm sure I will need to consider investing in some interchangeable circulars soon otherwise the cost is quickly going to rack up.

I hope you are in a position to treat yourself to Wollmeise - it's well worth the postage, trust me.

*This is an affiliated link - I will gain a percentage fee from Craftsy if you click this and then buy something.

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