Saturday, 1 February 2014

A trip down memory lane

I've been recently looking through my childhood photos and putting them all into a Paperchase photo album I bought a few months ago. I'm getting there, although some of the mediocre ones look awful next to the ones my father took as he had a passion for photography. If there's one thing this blog is lacking it's baby/children photos so here are mine instead!

This is me at around the age of six or seven and my older sister Louise at the age of ten or eleven. I may look like I want to kill her, but as you'll see if you hover over the photo and find out what I've labelled it, nothing happened after the photo was taken.

This is one of my favourite photos of all time from the album. There are many, but this is in the top ten. I always wonder why I love tulips so much, and this is probably why.

Gosh, I loved the paddling pool. I remember this being a very very hot summer and I was constantly being slathered in sun lotion everywhere I went. It had to be positioned underneath our apple tree as the rest of the garden was just too hot. And before you ask, yes I was born a blonde. Suddenly I became a brunette a couple of years after this photo was taken.

By this time you're probably wondering did I forget the camera when I turned into a teenager? The answer is yes, I threw it into the lavatory. I can't believe how awful I looked as a teenager but then, I suppose everyone does, and maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to create a post based on my teen photos.

And, finally, here is a photo of me and my sister during a tour around Granada studios in Manchester while we stayed with my Nan in Lancashire during the school holidays. I absolutely loved this tour and I had a great day. I was totally addicted to Coronation Street as a child. I think The Darling Buds of May, Poirot and Corrie were on quite a lot and we rarely watched the BBC if at all.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos. Have you found an interesting way to display yours?

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