Saturday, 14 December 2013

Book review: Natural Soap Making by Elizabeth Letcavage

'Natural Soap Making' by Elizabeth Letcavage is a wonderful introduction to soap making.

It includes 12 recipes to make soap and the instructions are very easy to understand. If you are new to soap making I expect it's a bit like taking up baking - you need a few moulds and cutters but once you get over the initial gathering of materials it could be lots of fun and save quite a bit of money.

The emphasis is on natural ingredients in this book - essential oils, medicinals such as coconut milk or vitamin E and natural colourings such as rose clay for pink or alkanet root powder for purple.

The soaps in this book are so pretty but look natural so would be nice to sell as natural vegan soap which is more durable and longer lasting than some vegan soaps which don't use caustic soda.

Elizabeth has included sections on how to use up soap scraps, how to make nugget soap, how to stamp and how to make swirled soap.

If you dream of making your own soap which is free from the heap of additives it's sold with in the shops then this is the perfect book.

'Natural soap making' by Elizabeth Letcavage is published by Stackpole Books and is available from the Search Press website.

Just an afterthought from me - If you use caustic soda as you are told to in this book to make the soap recipes make sure you wear a plastic apron, rubber gloves, eye protection and a dust mask as it is highly corrosive and an irritant. Please read about it here on Wiki. This is covered on page three of the book but I still wanted to highlight it - this activity is not suitable for children as a result. Caustic soda is not an animal product so this soap book will help you to make vegan soap if you avoid the minimal goat's milk recipes!

Thanks once again to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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