Sunday, 3 November 2013

Five knitting patterns for men from Ravelry, Brooklyn Tweed and Etsy

In the (almost) six years since I started this blog I have had a fair few comments about the assumed sexism of the blog name. I say assumed as it's not implied, it's more of a sarcastic repetition of the derogatory comments towards girls and women for sewing and knitting.

Beer gloves by Kurt Fausset (Available from here) (£10.79 with 44 other patterns) (Or Kindle for £1.92)

However, I am happily noticing more of a presence of male knitwear designers doing well on the internet and more of a choice when I look for knitted garments for men. With the Christmas knitting season now upon us I thought I would round up five patterns to knit for the men in your life, whether father, brother, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law or if you are lucky boyfriend or hubby :)

'Chicane' by Cookie A (£4.75)

Doesn't this guy look suave in his knitted cardigan? I bet he loves wearing that. It looks as if it were made just for him. I bet all the girls fancy him in that. Cookie A is a genius.

Highwayman Armwarmers by KnittingPirate (FREE)

I love these - I love grey myself and of course grey goes with any coat he wears.

A scarf Askew by emilyelizabeth (FREE)

This looks amazing and I love the yarn she's chosen and that it's unisex.

Bartek by Woolibear (£3.22)

Again - you can't go wrong with grey. What a gorgeous hat.

I hope you agree that these links will take you onto sites where you can explore the different options and colours for men. I was impressed and I hope you will be too.

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