Sunday, 20 October 2013

Don't quit the day job

It's been over two weeks since I blogged and I can only apologize. Going back into full-time work again means I will start to schedule posts at the weekend so I still reach the same week-time readership. Unfortunately whenever I have time for a session with the camera the rain appears but I'm sure it will all work out eventually.

I get paid two months' in lieu so I have yet to be paid (ten days' time and counting) but I worked out all my finances before I started work and things are exactly where I predicted they would be just spending 25 per cent of my eventually normal spending money (there's an accountant in my family tree, can you tell?). Coming out of severe poverty, luckily, that still feels as if I've won the lottery so I don't mind so much. This time I haven't had to start an office wardrobe from scratch every weekend in my new dress size (although it's still lacking) so it's been nice to spend more money on crafting materials. Mostly, wool. I ordered the above Malabrigo and Classy wool from Tangled Yarn. It arrived so quickly and was such a nice hit. It's still a massive thing when I order really nice wool. Hopefully that'll go and I'll relax and create a bit faster with it. I'm teaching myself to knit socks on a circular needle using the magic loop method with the classy. I just gaze at the Malabrigo at the moment...

My other knitting has suffered a little from this sudden influx of nicer yarn. I still love knitting dolls though and I am progressing well with this one above, although I'm not sure about the colour of the skin. I may re-do it. I'm not sure. She's going to be a huge 50 cm high. I'm changing the clothes from the pattern so indecision is slowing her down a bit. She may remain naked and in pieces for a while longer.

Another purchase from a few weeks ago - Yarnmaker magazine from HilltopCloud on etsy and a beginner's spindle kit. I haven't attempted the spinning yet but I will come across the right moment to try it soon I'm sure. Knitting is taking over the sofa at the moment but I am sure I will crave something different again soon. The magazine was highly informative.

Whenever I return to work as a temp I realise having less time makes you more productive. There's one article in 'Yarnmaker' magazine written by a woman who produced a large amount of dyed yarn over an Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Lets hope it makes me more productive eventually with this blog : )

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