Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Drop Stitch Cowl from Ravelry

I have a finished object to show you*. I have been mooching around a bit more than usual on Ravelry. I've been really enjoying my free time to gaze enviously at other people's expertly knitted jumpers and stash of luxury yarns. I feel like I can find my way round Ravelry much better these days - I know the search procedure a little better and don't stumble across things and wonder how I got there. They've worked hard at making it more idiot-friendly.

So, I found this 'Drop Stitch Cowl' by Abi Gregorio to dig my knitting needles into. I knitted mine from some recycled Big Wool. The wool has now been through three projects - a jumper, a bag and now this cowl. The pattern calls for super bulky weight so mine is a little smaller round my neck. I'm looking forward to it keeping me warm in the coming chilly winter months. I have a lovely hat which I knitted from this shade of Big Wool so now I will be co-ordinated.

What are you making for winter this week?

*My tired clapped-out six year old camera will be upgraded in a couple of months I promise!

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