Saturday, 3 August 2013

Taunton Flower Show 2013

Apologies for not posting for nearly two weeks. I have been busy the last week but I finished all my work at lunchtime on Friday and sauntered down to the Taunton Flower Show. This is my local annual craft/flower show, and since 2009, I have attended every year. This year I had a set amount to spend which was slightly above previous years and have spent my pennies wisely.

This is so beautiful I couldn't do it justice with my old camera. It looks slightly gold in the picture but it's a bright silver. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I absolutely adore dragonflies. Some blue dragonflies live on the Taunton to Bridgwater canal, and when it's sunny, float in abundance on the top of the water. When I saw this necklace in the craft marquee I bought it instantly - so unlike me. It's a one off piece made by Beth Philpot who sells at Dancing Dragonflies which contains some stunning jewellery.

I'm always so in awe of handmade jewellery makers. I have tried to make jewellery about three times in my life and have found I haven't the patience for beads or wire. One necklace I made myself consequently fell apart, luckily when I wasn't wearing it, and I have never tried again. I think even if you make yourself there is always some craft you wouldn't want to do or have the patience for, and of course your admiration is above any non-crafters who have never experienced the sometimes arduous process.

I will save my necklace for a special occasion. I'm not sure what that will be at the moment, but I'll look forward to wearing this when it comes.

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Christals Creations said...

My son has a very similar dragonfly which he turned into a Christmas tree decoration. We bought it at a bead fair years ago but he loves it still. :)

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