Thursday, 29 August 2013

Positive Etsy Feedback

It's not often you get extensive feedback from your Etsy sales. Usually you just get a rating on the (now soon-to-be defunct*) feedback system on the site of either positive, negative or neutral. I was delighted when one of my customers who I worked with on a custom order in March of this year got back to me on the site to send me a photo of what she had made and to thank me.

She said:

"It's been a while but I wanted to get in touch with you to show you what I've done with all those lovely little letters... I just finished a summer teaching program (baby sign language, the letters were my "vocab words") and my colourful words just looked super cute, I was so pleased with them. I'll attach a pic so you can see what I did with them.

Also, some fellow instructors have asked where I got them from, so I'll pass along your Etsy link. Thanks again, all the best in your creative endeavours! Nicole"

*You can read more about the new five star Etsy rating system here on Everything Etsy : )

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