Thursday, 22 August 2013

Book Review: Crochet Step by Step by Sally Harding

I have an almost finished object! Just a few knots to hide cleverly within a bag:

This was such an easy crochet project to do - it really switched me off which was good for the past fortnight or so - as I wrote about in my previous post. I've had three interviews in the last two weeks too, one of which finally resulted in a good temping role very close to my house, so I'm chuffed! And I have a new grocery bag : )

I undid an octopus I had knitted about five years ago. I knitted it from Rowan Handknit Cotton and shoved it into the cupboard when it didn't work. The eight legs put me off unwinding the yarn to reuse it but recently I was in a tense annoyed mood and relished the prospect of pulling something apart. Luckily it unwound well albeit with quite a few knots (I need to weave these in). The bag looks exactly like the one in the photo and is from this book:

This is an introductory textbook on crochet but it includes twenty projects which are crocheted with a mixture of affordable and middle-of-the-range yarn. They're all really cute and worth making. There are two blankets, two cushions, a basket (which is lilac and I made for my room - you can see it here), two bags, a bookmark, two toys, a baby cardigan, baby booties, an adult waistcoat, an adult shawl, two scarves, wrist warmers and three hats.

There are also lots of patterns as you go through the book before the projects at the back to help you learn about crochet. There are flower patterns, edgings and a good guide to different crochet stitches. I got this book out of the library and have enjoyed my time with it immensely. I always find DK books really well laid out and easy to understand. I had a few of them when a child.

You can buy it here or grab it from your local library, like me : )


Lubbeelou said...

I have been using this pattern for the last couple of days as I thought it would make a lovely Christmas present for a friend. However, I've got to round 29 and realise I have too many stitches. I have undone a couple of rows and counted the loops, I have the correct amount.

I'm really lost as to why this is happening. Did you find this? It must be me if you didn't!

Jo said...

I'm not sure if this happened to me as I didn't count - I do find sometimes you can increase without being aware of it in both knitting & crochet - I'm sure you'll get the right amount eventually : )

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