Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heatwave crafting

The temperature in the UK has finally burst the 90F (32 degrees) barrier putting a good portion of the country one level below a state of national emergency. Cripes.

As a result I haven't been crafting when I would normally. Usually when encountering the rollercoaster ride of jobhunting I would console myself with knitting and some television, now hobbies which are deemed sad and pathetic or just too hot.

Luckily I have been reading some fantastic books and, when the evenings are cool with all our doors and windows open, have managed to do some crocheting. Although the granny square will make me hotter as it grows. I figured I didn't care what I made - the familiar action of crafting would soothe me, and it certainly did. Like many crafters I know I rely on my hobby to pick me up when I've been rejected or stressed during my day and it's very hard when the temperature makes this coping mechanism unattainable.

Little projects in cotton or acrylic work best for me. I've found cross stitch to still be OK when hot and hand sewing, although working with a sewing machine would be too much heat. Reading a book about crafting would be the perfect answer or perhaps a fictional book about a knitting group? Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.


Sophie Goodfellow said...

No books about crafting I'm afraid, but I periodically review fiction at Vintage Tea Roses, so let me know what you think!


Jo said...

Sounds fab! I will come and visit : )

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