Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Review: 500 Toys to knit, crochet, felt & sew by Nguyen Le

'500 toys to Knit, Crochet, felt & Sew' by Nguyen Le is such a cute irresistable book with funny, whacky and tasteful toys to suit every taste and whim.

Like '500 crochet blocks', reviewed previously, there are suggested variations for almost all the toys with five projects, some of which are radically different and therefore increase the project count considerably. The suggestions do not have images to illustrate them like the main projects do, so you will need to use your imagination if you are a visual person. The toys are brilliant and I love this ballerina below:

I also love that the toys range from a tasteful ballerina to a sewn breakfast. Not that a sewn breakfast isn't tasteful. Obviously it's not in that way...moving on...

There are 25 pages of helpful instructions at the start of the book. Templates, when needed, are included on the pages the project is on and you will need access to a photocopier which enlarges images to make them big enough.

The book advises the reader to use 'Brown Sheep' yarn which is sold in America, but the great thing with toys is that you can use pretty much any yarn and, if you are not bothered about size, skip the tension swatch!

Of course another great thing about making toys is that any yarn or fabric scraps you have left over from other large projects will be great for this book. Many of the knitted or crocheted toys only need a ball of yarn to make.

You can buy '500 toys' with '500 crochet blocks' together and save five pounds, or buy just '500 toys' on its own from the Search Press website.

Thanks once more to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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