Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Book Review: 500 Crochet Blocks by Hannah Elgie & Kath Webber

'500 crochet blocks - the only compendium of crochet blocks you'll ever need' by Hannah Elgie & Kath Webber is a fantastic book which is full of inspiration and variations on themes.

There are squares, circles, numerous colour collections and hundreds of different stitches. After each chapter there are four suggestions for variations on almost all of the crocheted blocks in different colours or with different flowers or a different charted design. I found this to be the most useful aspect of the book. You aren't just getting 500 blocks, but a lot more for your money.

The book is a six inch square (15cm) which is what size the blocks come to when you have finished crocheting them. It's the size I find is most asked for when fundraising and makes adding up what size your finished afghan will be that much easier.

The book begins with a fully illustrated guide on how to crochet which lasts a full seven pages so you will not be lost if you are a beginner. There are two pages on textural stitches such as bobble and puff stitches. One page is on reading a pattern and one on reading a chart; something other books or magazines don't seem to extend their help section with.

There is also advice on finishing your work and sewing or crocheting the blocks together with some information on edgings you can decorate your afghan with and some essential hints and tips to finish with. There are also project suggestions next to some of the patterns like the one above. I love this stool cover.

The range of stitches on offer like the one above is phenomenal. I love this lace and there are also blocks which use crocheted cables and tunisian crochet too.

'500 Crochet Blocks' is available to buy from Search Press on its own or with '500 toys' which is half price when bought together. I will review '500 toys' next on this blog.

Thanks once again to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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