Sunday, 5 May 2013

Photoshop and Patchwork

OK - so this is my first ever post featuring a photo which I've Photoshopped.

You don't have to tell me I need some practise here. I couldn't find a happy medium between darkness and light. I'm so used to my basic camera software and Picasa (which I've used ever since 2008) that even armed with a yellow dummy book I still remain a useless Photoshop idiot for the time being.

I had an enormous laptop crash the other week which deleted all my programmes and Kodak don't do the software drivers for my camera anymore so it's forced me to use Photoshop which I bought at the start of the year, which is no bad thing. Photo quality may decrease before it gets better is all I'll say.

Moving on - the photo is actually showing you that I have managed to sew all three lines of hexagon pieces together, and not only that, have managed to sew two lines together into something resembling patchwork. I started this project a long time ago last autumn and originally it was going to be a draught excluder. It's now morphed into a little throw to put at the end of my bed. Not a quilt, that's too overwhelming for me at the moment as I have a king size bed, but a little mini-quilt will suit me just fine. I love the mixture of fabrics and that I can shop for little packs of more whenever I have the money and build it up as I go. The sewing is not as much of a headache as I thought and I get into a rhythm very quickly. I have quite a few projects on the go which I will tell you about soon.

NB Just so you don't repeat my mistake - you shouldn't put fabrics of the same colour anywhere near each other. Just saying.

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Anonymous said...

I think its pretty and i trust you can do better....really.

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