Monday, 20 May 2013

Little Cotton Rabbits Patterns!

Top news - Julie from the knitting blog 'Little Cotton Rabbits' has decided to sell two bunny patterns.

Little Cotton Rabbits was one of the first craft blogs I read in 2008 and Julie was very friendly and really encouraged me to learn to knit. Her knitted bunnies definitely inspired me and when I felt like throwing my knitting into the garden I would read her blog to make sure I carried on.

There is now a Ravelry group full of people visibly trembling with excitement at the thought that they too can make a Julie bunny.

I have just switched over from a blackberry to an iPod touch so I can now get feedly which is great as I really was falling behind with blogs. Whenever I switch my laptop on (the fan needs a clean which I will get round to) the fan hums away and when I have it on during the day at the moment it's to job hunt primarily. Any time I switch to a craft blog - whoosh - it's suddenly 5pm and I haven't got any work done, so I don't read them.

I will be knitting the girl bunny but I don't want to buy it until I have cleared the sofa of WiPs and UFOs. I have just finished my camera cross stitch and I'm currently on the hunt for a black frame of just the right size so it can have some white aida around it. It seems to be just too big for the black frames I've seen in the shops I can afford, so it may be a few weeks yet. There's a sock on my needles (I've knitted the right one) and the patchwork. Not much, but I would like to finish the socks before starting Julie's bunny. Saying things like that really motivates me to finish - if you don't do this try it, it really helps.

Anyway, happy knitting!

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