Monday, 13 May 2013

Book Review: Quilting on the go! by Jessica Alexandrakis

Following on from my last post about my patchwork progress comes a review of the perfect book for beginner or intermediate level quilters.

'Quilting on the go!' by Jessica Alexandrakis is a superb book and a lot of thought has been put into how the book is organised so that you can progress with your own quilt designs.

If you love the idea of sewing on the train or bus to work or in the canteen when you get there then this book is for you. Jessica shows you exactly what you need to get a travel pack together so you can hand stitch patchwork on the go.

There is 18 pages of help in the 'Getting ready' section including advice on how to collate a fabric collection from thrift/charity shops, online, through fabric swaps etc, 16 pages on 'Starting to sew' with advice on tacking, what to do with the borders when you sew hexagons together and where to get the backing material.

There is 42 pages in the third section, which includes ten projects: a tiny sewing kit, a hexagon cushion, a pincushion, a shoulder bag, a small pouch, a laptop bag, a falling stars baby quilt, a tanuki stripe throw, a photo frame and a travel quilt which is in the photo above.

Section four contains 20 pages with features on the different designs you can sew - such as equilateral triangles and squares, half hexagons and 60-degree diamonds with interlocking background. There are then ten pages of graph paper with different patchwork shapes and designs already drawn on so you can colour in and see what works best. There are two pages of templates, one page of which features actual size templates, the other ones you will need to enlarge on a photocopier.

The graphs at the back of the book and the neat organisational feel of the book are what impressed me the most. I loved the look of the book as soon as I saw it and the details inside are so exhaustive. I think you get a lot of advice for your money with this book as it's slightly thicker than average.

Jessica is extremely talented and you can follow her blog 'Life Under Quilts'.

This book was released just last month and you can be amongst the first to own it by shopping at Search Press.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.


Jessica said...

Thank you so much for this sweet review of my book~
Hope you don't mind if I link to it from my blog.. you've got a great selection of photos that people have been asking me to share.

Hope you enjoyed it~

Jo said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for that link! Glad you enjoyed my review : )


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