Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pick up and knit stitches

Unless you were knitting before school or kindergarten and designing garments for your schoolmates after finishing with your snoopy lunchbox you may have to learn a few things about knitting. The kind of people who can pick up knitting needles and design really quickly are rare and most of us require a YouTube video or two along the journey to knitting nirvana.

One of the things which really confused me a couple of years ago was picking up and knitting stitches. At the time I was working on my cream cardigan (the one that died). It used Rowan 4 ply cotton which split. Not great yarn to learn how to pick up and knit with.

Also the pattern said pick up and knit something like 86 stitches and no matter how hard I tried I always seemed to end up with 92. The amount of half stitches I picked up was astonishing and I gave up. I had looked for a tutorial online but hadn't found one. So, as I'm looking at a knitted cardigan pattern on Ravelry which I've been assured is very simple, I thought back to when this technique would have scared me to death. I have practised with aran yarn and the process comes naturally now. If you have been stumped by this too watch the video above!

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