Sunday, 28 April 2013

Great British Sewing Bee Final

The Great British Sewing Bee came to its conclusion last Tuesday. I felt a bit sad for Lauren in the final as she is obviously talented but felt overshadowed by the magnitude of Ann and became quite emotional. It was unfortunate that the task she was most dreading, to sew a man's shirt, came up in the final.

Image from BBC iPlayer

There is no way you can suddenly whip up decades of sewing experience when you are pitched against someone that experienced and I felt she was the winner in a way. I'm sure she will get tons of work as a result of it.

Though it was obvious to me who would win from about the second episode and I made my predictions, I enjoyed seeing the talent from the other contestants.

You can watch the whole series on the BBC iPlayer.

You can buy the tie-in book from Search Press.

You can keep the spirit of the series alive by taking up sewing yourself and taking that first step. You could sign up for a sewing class at your local college for September or over summer if they do summer courses. You could look at my book reviews for a sewing book to get started with.

Don't be sad - keep the sewing vibe alive by exploring the craft blogosphere and your local sewing shop. There will be another series along soon!

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Cinnamon Jewellery said...

I'm not a sewer myself (in fact I hate sewing!) but I really enjoyed the series. I envy them their skills.

I think Anne was a worthy and very gracious winner.

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