Sunday, 14 April 2013

Book Review: Knit back in time by Geraldine Warner

'Knit back in time' by Geraldine Warner is a must have for anyone who loves vintage and knitting.

You may be thinking it contains lots and lots of vintage style jumper and cardigan patterns - if you did you would be wrong.

'Knit back in time' is a textbook which informs you how to do two different things - how to update vintage patterns to suit modern sizes and yarns and also how to customise modern patterns for vintage-style elements.

You may have noticed, if you shop in thrift or charity shops, that there is usually a box of old patterns for about 20-50p each. This book will tell you exactly how to alter the pattern slightly and substitute yarn.

For example, in the latter half of the book she has featured the same modern jumper but she's included four different retro vintage sleeves to put with the main body, a puff sleeve crown (my favourite), a pleated sleeve crown, a box top sleeve and a fitted long sleeve.

At the back there are tips for finishing, such as blocking and sourcing the right buttons as well as the different types of buttonholes you can knit or crochet. There is a page with 11 embroidery stitches if you want to get artistic and five fair isle patterns including a very cute cherry.

There are also patterns for cuffs, collars and pockets. If you are looking at starting to design jumpers this is a really helpful introduction and a comprehensive guide to begin with.

'Knit back in time' by Geraldine Warner ia available from the Search Press website now.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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