Sunday, 17 March 2013

Malabrigo love

I treated myself the other week to a hank of Malabrigo from Loop.

Words cannot describe how I felt as I unwrapped it from its envelope and tissue paper. The intensity and vibrancy of colour, the amount of colours in the yarn and the softness of it blew me away. It's definitely the most beautiful yarn I've ever bought. I'm hoping to have felting adventures with it in the future. I bet it felts like a dream.

I am knitting it up into stocking stitch for a cushion cover. I'm knitting it straight on my 5.5mm circular knitting needles and it's really soothing and luscious. I keep running my fingers over the knitting just to feel its softness. Can you imagine what I'll be like with a 48cm x 48cm cushion covered with it?

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