Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Magic loop sock pattern on Ravelry

This last ten days have been busy for me. Busy at work and at home too with a large custom order which was nicely repeated and added to a week later, I have been a busy busy busy girl indeed. It's a great feeling and I thoroughly enjoy having enough to do.

So in true busy stylee this week's post is being furiously tapped out after work. Here is a nice free pattern from Ravelry : )

Copyright Erica Lueder

If you haven't signed up for Ravelry you don't exist. It's official. So sign up now. It's free and is exploding with so many free and paid for patterns you will wonder why the day only has 24 hours in it.

The above pattern was picked by me because it's knitted with two circular needles. I wanted to try the magic loop method of knitting socks as I've tried knitting with four and five needles and I can't quite get the hang of it. I have watched YouTube videos demonstrating the magic loop and it looks a little bit easier than wrestling with multiple needles. Go and show your appreciation at Erica's blog here.

So I will put this on my list of projects and start it in a week or so. I hope you try socks too if you haven't before.

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