Sunday, 10 March 2013

Book Review: 'Stress-free Sewing' by Nicole Vasbinder

'Stress-free sewing' by Nicole Vasbinder is another brilliant book by an experienced craft teacher. It's a technically perfect book which makes you feel relaxed about sewing when you pick it up. It's very much aimed at the novice sewer about to buy a sewing machine for the very first time. The emphasis on machine sewing continues throughout the book so bear this in mind if you prefer to handstitch.

There are ten chapters in total: -

Section one - Tools and equipment - Sewing tools, notions and trims, marking, measuring and cutting tools, miscellaneous tools, and Section two - Solutions and tips - fabric solutions, pattern solutions, sewing solutions, embellishment and trimming solutions, fitting solutions and finishing solutions.

It covers all aspects of sewing such as choosing a sewing machine and a guide to different feet, to making a muslin and facings. It includes a guide to fabric and how to choose patterns. Basically it's all you could ever want to know about dress making and sewing with a machine.

I learnt many things from this book - for example I had no idea you could sew a button with a sewing machine. I thought maybe you could do the buttonhole but this is aimed at those who want to save time and get really whizzy with their machine. I also found out that when sewing knits you shouldn't use a 100 per cent cotton thread, it should be an all-purpose polyester as it stretches with the fabric. They may seem like small tips but they all add up to a better sewing experience and less stress.

Another tip amongst the thousands in this book is to iron fusible interfacings onto the back of your tissue paper patterns to make them last. All great advice from a sewer with a huge amount of experience and talent to boot.

This book is so well worth the money if you feel your sewing knowledge could be improved upon or if you didn't grow up with a parent who made a lot of your clothes in front of you. Maybe you have no-one to ask in your friends and family and you can't afford a class or proper tuition. This book is for you.

'Stress free sewing - Troubleshooting tips and advice for the savvy sewer' by Nicole Vasbinder is available from the Search Press website.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this great book to review.

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