Sunday, 3 February 2013

Vintage Camera Cross Stitch Pattern on Etsy

I bought a Vintage Camera cross stitch pattern for my sister for Christmas from TinyModernist on Etsy and made it into a kit with most of what she would need to make it into the cushion shown within the notes that came with it. She thought it was ace and I do too! The fun thing about a PDF pattern is that I can make it as well as her!

Copyright TinyModernist

In the pattern you can make the cross stitch normally using two strands of thread and going over one square of aida. In this one she has also created a version you can do with six strands of thread (ie the whole thread without separating) and over four squares of aida. It's pretty cool. I love the bolder look of the giant cross stitch she has created and it looks fab in the pattern when finished as a cushion. I'm really looking forward to finishing this but it's quite an involved pattern so it's taking a while with me being back in full-time work now along with running my shops in the evenings and weekends.

I'm finding my tension is a bit tighter than normal as I'm having to push the needle through the aida a bit harder due to having thicker thread than I normally would for cross stitch, but apart from that it's going well. I'm also not using a hoop as I've fallen out of love with them and the mark they leave on the fabric. If anyone has any tips in this area let me know. I've heard of wrapping tissue paper around the embroidery hoop but it doesn't solve the problem of not being able to iron the fold out after you've finished. I take the hoop out after I've finished my sewing sessions and it still does it. So for this project I'm rolling the aida over to the bit I want to sew without creasing it.

So obessive have I become about creases in my aida I now buy it on the roll by the metre instead of in packs where it's been folded with an un-iron-able crease in it.

I can't wait to finish this!


Tracy said...

I often lightly hand washed my completed cross stitch projects, that way any dirt marks should be removed and so should any creases. Once washed I then roll it in a towel to get rid of the excess water and later I iron the back of the project covered with a piece of cotton to avoid any marks, I hope that helps xx

Jo said...

Thanks for this - I knew you could wash the aida but have always been too timid and worried about the threads running even though they say you can on the label : )

Anonymous said...

I use cool water and Ivory dish soap to wash my projects and have had no problem with colors running. I iron when the piece is damp or, if it dried, lightly spritz it with water from a spray bottle. On my larger pieces, I've taken them to a dry clearners that clean on site to have it steam pressed. The hoop marks come out. Also periodically wash the hoop. I usually get the dirt from my hands. My roommate can always tell when I'm stitching as I wash my hands a lot.

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