Monday, 11 February 2013

Book review: Recycled Chic by Amanda McKittrick

'Recycled Chic' is a new book by Amanda McKittrick published by Murdoch Books this Thursday.

I've had a few 'upcycling' books sent to me now so I was quite sceptical. What would this one do differently to make it stand out from the rest?

I'm glad to say I can see a few recycling projects which I haven't seen before. The crochet doily earrings for example and the iPad jacket, which has been made from an actual suit jacket. There are also two projects which successfully recycle a man's shirt into a very girly top.

I would say this is an excellent book to buy if you don't already have a recycling or 'upcycling' book in your collection. It has the basics like how to add a ruffle to a t-shirt, how to make fabric buttons, how to make a basic bow to embellish clothes and shoes and how to make a pompom.

There are 22 pages of hand sewing advice to begin the book - how to add darts, tucks and pleats amongst other stitches. The rest of the book is divided into two: 'How to reinvent your wardrobe' and 'Accessories and Embellishments'.

The last book I was sent did spark an idea to replace all the buttons on a winter coat with fabric buttons which I wouldn't have had before leafing through the book so these kind of books definitely inspire you to spruce up your wardrobe for few pounds instead of buying new all the time.

'Recycled Chic' by Amanda McKittrick is released on Thursday and is available to buy online from Amazon or your local independent bookshop.

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