Sunday, 17 February 2013

Book Donations

Regular readers who have been with me since Feb 2008 (yes I am five this month) will know that in the last year or so the book reviews have been coming in thick and fast with me reviewing about two or three a month.

Alice in Wonderland print by JaneandCompanyDesign

I love writing book reviews. I don't mind advertising for craft publishers. They turn the craft world, enable us to create and are leading the craft and homemade revolution. I am going to continue to write them as I enjoy them and more people read them than read about what I'm crafting. I love the books I receive and some of them have truly inspired me to look beyond knitted jumpers and plain yarn.

But I have about 30 books now. I have finally run out of inventive things to do with the craft books. Some of my favourites are stacked up next to my bed on my bedside table underneath my lamp and they look beautiful.

But some of them are looking forlorn as they are not completely to my taste, which doesn't mean they are no good or of poor quality in any way. I don't re-open them and they lie around gathering dust.

So I have decided to donate this 30-40 per cent to my local library who will receive around fifteen brand new books in the next few weeks. As each book is worth on average about £15 this is a total of above £200 in donations to my local library. I want as many people as humanly possible to take the books out and be inspired by them to create and reduce their material consumption. I hope you agree that this is the greenest thing to do with my books.

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