Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Colour mixing with yarn

I've spent the last week and the start of this one with a heavy cold/light flu so I had been too tired to knit. Even the thought of lifting the needles and moving my hands was too much to bear. So I went to bed for a few days and am now feeling a little better.

I started the knitting below before I came down with the bug and found it really comforting to pick it up again a few days ago.

My love affair with King Cole Riot DK continues unabated. It's a lightweight DK (more like a 4 ply than a 5 ply) so I figured I could make an aran weight with two strands of it. King Cole don't do aran in this range just DK and chunky. So I wound half of it into a ball, weighing it as I went to make sure the balls were an even 50 grams.

I wasn't sure how the shading would work but I think it's working out fine. The two colours together are making interesting colourways but I was glad when lime green and purple came to an end quickly!

Even though it's a 30 per cent wool mix it feels really soft to the touch. I'm really enjoying knitting it and I hope you agree the yarn is making some lovely shades.

1 comment:

WendyCarole said...

I love King Cole Riot too. I made a very nice jumper for a bear.

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