Sunday, 27 January 2013

Finished Crocheted Blanket!

I never mentioned I was crocheting a present before Christmas as I was so busy doing it. I saw a pattern in a book called 'Crochet in no time' by Melody Griffiths. It's a lovely book with simple patterns in but in my view the title is a little misleading. The estimated project time was a third of the time I actually spent on the project as a whole. However it probably felt like more than it was as I took on too large a project before Christmas and came down with flu when I was supposed to be finishing up!

Here it is:

It looks great now that I'm well and can step back from bending over it for so long. It really was that cliche - a labour of love. I finished up the other week as I couldn't crochet when ill with the flu as I was so dizzy but it's on my mother's bed and I'm sure it will be well loved.

I made a New Year's resolution not to craft for anyone next Christmas as I have done it for a few years now and miss the time that I have spent in other years crafting decorations for the house and for my shop, and me of course!

There's something cleansing though about spending a long time on someone's present. You do get such a warm fuzzy feeling when you look at the finished object.

What's the nicest present you've ever made?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Book Review: 'Easter Knits' by Arne & Carlos

'Easter Knits' by Arne & Carlos is their third book and is a lot of fun.

With Easter only ten weeks away now is the time to start looking for patterns to knit if you want to craft something for family or friends.

The basic ball and egg patterns are at the back of the book with the intarsia multi-colour patterns throughout including: six balls, sixteen eggs, one egg cozy, one hen, one bunny and one bunny sweater. The patterns are bursting with bright colour and the pictures are as usual silly and cheerful.

Arne & Carlos achieved fame with their books '55 Christmas Balls to Knit' and 'Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe' which I reviewed in July. A lot of people came round to read it which was nice!

I will put a little warning in so you don't get carried away, buy the book and then tear your hair out if you have never been able to master knitting in the round with 4 or 5 needles. All the patterns in this book require this skill so if you have it fine, but if you don't know how to do this be prepared to learn.

'Easter Knits - Eggs, Bunnies and Chicks - with a fabulous twist' by Arne & Carlos is available for £8.99 from Search press.

Thank you to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Colour mixing with yarn

I've spent the last week and the start of this one with a heavy cold/light flu so I had been too tired to knit. Even the thought of lifting the needles and moving my hands was too much to bear. So I went to bed for a few days and am now feeling a little better.

I started the knitting below before I came down with the bug and found it really comforting to pick it up again a few days ago.

My love affair with King Cole Riot DK continues unabated. It's a lightweight DK (more like a 4 ply than a 5 ply) so I figured I could make an aran weight with two strands of it. King Cole don't do aran in this range just DK and chunky. So I wound half of it into a ball, weighing it as I went to make sure the balls were an even 50 grams.

I wasn't sure how the shading would work but I think it's working out fine. The two colours together are making interesting colourways but I was glad when lime green and purple came to an end quickly!

Even though it's a 30 per cent wool mix it feels really soft to the touch. I'm really enjoying knitting it and I hope you agree the yarn is making some lovely shades.

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