Saturday, 29 December 2012

Book Review: Hanging Hearts by Rachael Rowe

Rachael Rowe's 'Hanging Hearts' is a great introduction to sewing and making hearts to hang as decorations around your home. Rachael studied in the next city from where I live, at the University of the West of England in Bristol, and graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) in Fashion Design.

It contains ten pages of instructions at the beginning of the book to get you started with things like basic techniques and materials and equipment.

The projects vary from very basic heart sewing with no embellishments to printing photos onto fabric, so it's an excellent first sewing book for a beginner. One of the projects would make a great keepsake for someone you want to remember. It features a photo of your loved one printed out and sewn onto the heart which is very sweet and a lovely idea.

The hearts are made from very pretty fabrics in the book and the photographs will inspire you as they are beautiful.

There are twenty projects in the book in total and they include machine sewing and hand sewing. The templates are printed full size (without the need for a photocopier) at the back of the book, with a diagram showing the four main stitches used in the book, running stitch, chain stitch, backstitch and blanket stitch. As you can see from my photos the step-by-step instructions contain clear well-lit photos so you can see how to do the project as well as read, which is great for those who are more visual learners than text-based learners like me : )

'Hanging Hearts' is available for £7.99 from Search Press here.

While you're on their website, check out their 'hurt books' sections with savings of 50% off due to damaged covers. The interior pages are undamaged. Or check out their sale section, also with 50% off.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.


Christals Creations said...

It looks very pretty though probably a library borrow for me. Are we going to see some of these hearts on your blog?

Jo said...

I'll have to see if I have time! I did make a lot of hearts when I started sewing : )

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