Sunday, 16 December 2012

A bumper post of Christmas reductions on Etsy

As we approach the final posting day for guaranteed Christmas delivery on Thursday in the UK many sellers are slashing prices for the next 48 hours (including my shop which is currently offering 30% off until Tuesday!):

£12.25 with postage and packing - reduced from £16

Sugar Cane is based in North Yorkshire and offering 25% off until Tuesday at midnight so you may still get your purchase in time for Christmas (check with shops in all cases).

HideNSeek (Hidden Eloise), based in Huddersfield, is offering up to 40% off her wonderful illustrations.

Martalily is offering 25% off her lovely jewellery and is based in Manchester.

Susan Lawson Lampwork in Bristol in the UK is having a 10% off sale.

Hurry or you might miss out : )

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