Sunday, 18 November 2012

Seamless Knitting

Firstly I apologise for the poor quality of colour representation/lighting in these photos. I found my camera was incapable of picking up the purple in the wool which is a problem I haven't had before. I obviously need a new camera!

I wanted to share my first knitted hat which has been worked on circular needles! I'm very excited. It took a bit of practice as I was knitting with two strands of 4 ply on top of trying circular knitting for the first time. I watched a YouTube tutorial which told me to use a paperclip to mark the start of each round which promptly flew off on round ten which means I ended up attempting this hat about four times in total. Eventually I used a small safety pin which I moved up after knitting a round. It's a bit boring and purple but I love it and will be wearing the soft warm wool when the subzero temperatures arrive to prevent headaches!

It will be lovely having a hat which has no seam in it. It's already laying better and isn't rouching or pulling where the seam usually is. I'm a bit worried about how much wool I will have left for the pompom but I have an extra ball put back at the knitting shop in the same dye lot should I need it. If I do need an extra ball it will make it a £9 hat instead of £6 just for the sake of a pompom so I might think about that.

I've even gone and bought some double pointed needles to knit some toddler socks from the Knitting Basics book I was sent by Murdoch Books a few months ago. I'm sure with the aid of a YouTube video I will conquer this knitting fear too!

What knitting fears do you have? Cables? Intarsia? Knitting in the round?


Anonymous said...

Ooh I like it!Where did you find the pattern?

Jo said...

It was based on a charity hat pattern as the author has given away all her rights when you knit one hat for the homeless. I'm afraid it's not available anymore : / but if you look on Ravelry I'm sure you will find a similar one.

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