Sunday, 25 November 2012

Book Review: Norwegian Knitting Designs

'Norwegian Knitting Designs - A collections from Norway's Foremost Knitting Designers' by Norsk Strikkedesign is a stunning display of extraordinary knits.

This is definitely not, in my opinion, for the beginner knitter but aimed at the artistic adventurous crafter with the time and money to make individual highly detailed quality knits. One for the repressed fashion or art students amongst us.

The photography in the book is stunning. The designs of the clothes are so intricate as to take your breath away. It's a colourful display of the heritage of Norway.

There are some simpler accessories but they are light on the ground. Also the clothes are nearly all for women. There are 22 designs in total. There are 11 Norwegian designers who are as well known in Norway as Erika Knight and Debbie Bliss are in the UK.

There are two full pages of advice before you knit but it's not beginner friendly. There are five good hints and tips for multi-colour pattern knitting which knitters who are experienced will still find useful. There is a page or two before each pattern about the designer, their education and their achievements.

The designer of the sweater above was inspired by 'Harald Solberg's 'Winter night in Rondane'. The ornamentation originated with rosemaling on old chests together with Arabic ornaments. On the finished garnment, simple stars were embroidered in the night sky with contrast colours.' She is 'responsible for design and development of the brand TINDE, which was launched in 1998 and produces and sells knitwear collections in Scandinavia and parts of Europe.'

It's a very inspiring look at Norway through the eyes of their most talented knitwear designers.

You can buy 'Norwegian Knitting Designs - A Collection from Norway's Foremost Knitting Designers' by Norsk Strikkedesign from the Search Press website here.

Thanks again to Search Press for sending me this beautiful book to review.

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