Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Birthday Knitting

I wouldn't usually show a birthday present I'm in the process of knitting but I am very excited and my mum never reads my blog (except when I show her a post and she smiles and says "oh yes" while yawning!)

My mum turns 60 (she looks about 45 so no-one ever believes she wasn't a teen mum) five days before christmas so I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to knit or crochet her. I'm also adding a surprise to the present so I thought this would work quite nicely.

Initially she chose a shawl for bed but we looked at various patterns and we couldn't find any which were within my budget/skill level which she liked enough. So eventually she picked out a ball of King Cole Riot from my bag which I had just ripped after knitting a hat I didn't really want, and said she would like just a simple stocking stitch cowl to go with her winter coat. Which was very sweet of her as it's extremely simple. The camera has totally not picked up the beauty of the skein of yarn. It's gorgeous to knit with and I'm already halfway there.

As we all know stocking stitch curls a bit either side when there's no rib at the edge to tame it so I will make it about 4cm wider than her specified 15cm.

Are you knitting any gifts for christmas or thinking about it?

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